How can I help you?

Primarily, I am online-based, allowing more convenience to my clients; instead of having to drive to a facility after work, we can fit our consultations into YOUR day, whether that’s morning, on your lunch break, in the afternoon or evening!


My main service is the VIP Total Month Support package. This enables me to keep regular contact with my clients, improving adherence and being there to offer support when needed.

Having this contact also enables me to get to know each of them as a person, and not just their diet, and use their ‘whys’ to help empower them throughout the journey, especially when it gets tough!

Your diet is such a huge part of your day to day life,  so you need to invest the time in getting it right. It’s a bit like buying a recipe book; you follow the recipe and end up with an amazing dish you couldn’t of done without the book; but because you have that guidance .over time, the habits /routine become ingrained so you don’t need the recipe book any more!


The package includes:



  • A completely bespoke service and 7 day meal plan - I do not offer cookie-cutter, dogmatic meal plans- we work together to find a nutritional approach that fits with your life and goals

  • Access to my recipes,  selected with your goals, likes and dislikes, and lifestyle in mind

  • Weekly catch-up via Skype or FaceTime, to create and instill the habit and mind-set changes that are vital for acheiving your goals to tackle the MINDSET aspects of weight loss – key if low confidence and a long history of dieting is are issues for you, as you will need a lot of resetting and new habits built up, improving your relationship with food. I will also check in with you a further two times per week


  • Email support throughout the week.- you have someone keeping an eye and answering to, as well as support you, and confide in,  to keep you on track and with direction and momentum, and of course give you that nutrition advice and answer any questions , without complicating things with unnecessary rules.


  • I also help prep and plan holidays and meals out- so you can enjoy these events, and still lose weight!


  • An education on nutrition, so that one day, you won’t need me. Studies have shown that you are far more successful in achieving your nutrition goals if a coach educates you through the process. With each client, the aim is to make me redundant!

  • Performance as a priority- as food is fuel, I want you to be performing and feeling your best- in the gym, at work, and in your day to day life !

Does this sound like it would work for you? Well, why not find out even more about my coaching programmes, AND get a free mindset session, with a 30 minute transformation call. These have absolutely no obligations attached- just fill in this form , and I will be in touch ASAP!