K's Story

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“Having spent most of my life on a diet with little success in terms of sustainability, and, over the years having tried everything with different degrees of success. I really wanted to find a solution to my ongoing yo-yo dieting”



“Having spoken to Katie and realising this was a mindset change and not another quick fix, I was more than willing to give this a go. I had run out of options.!”



“My goal was to find a solution to the yo-yo dieting that was easy, accessible and that worked. I wanted to get fitter, wear different style clothes, rather than cover ups, feel more confidant in myself and fall in love with food again.”

“well - results were beyond expectations! “



“A weight loss off 18 1/2lb in the first 6 weeks and 11 1/2 inches from my chest and waist!”



“ A whole new outlook on food and realisation that this is sustainable and isn't a system that requires you to go without. It's all about changing your mindset, recognising the triggers and eating foods that reduce previous cravings, give you energy and allow you to eat out! “


“What would I say to anyone thinking of working with Katie ?Embrace it - this isn't another gimmick - it's real, working with someone who is able to draw on her own experiences and relate to what you are going through, giving you realistic and achievable solutions and genuinely celebrates your achievements! “

Georgie's story

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In the words of Georgie herself “ One stone and 2lbs lost in 8 weeks, no gym and no hunger!”…..

Huge well done Georgie-whilst, as she said herself, she didn’t  need to make huge sacrifices, she put the work in, listened, learned and remained positive even on the days or weeks things didn’t go her way- the latter is key and often the hardest part of a weight loss transformation.

She accepted and worked on her weak areas ( organisation and poorer choices on Friday nights and the weekends) and just look at the results!!!

She had wanted to work with me for a long time, and when we started, the goal was to feel amazing at a family wedding, and then her own! And guess what, she did.

There is no magic formula- I am sure she has had many people ask “what’s your secret?!” – the honest truth is , there isnt one. you just need to be ready and willing to listen and put the work in

Aime's Story 

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“For most of my adult life I have been trying to lose weight, nothing ever worked long term.  I thought I had tried everything & was just made to remain this weight. It became clear to me I had no idea what I was doing and I really needed someone’s help.

I had tried Low carb diets, slimming world, skinny teas, pretty much starving myself by filling up on diet fizzy drinks….. endless list

I had given up hope, I knew I didn’t understand enough to be able to help myself –and Katie wasn’t just a name on a google search for ‘nutritionist’

After years of failure I was sceptical but after my first 2 weeks this scepticism was to be proved wrong. “

Apart from the obvious weight loss I would say that I’m calmer now when out of routine.  It used to throw me completely but I know how to make the right choices!


Its very vain but to feel comfortable in your clothes is a massive confidence boost.  The better I look the better I feel.

“Katie doesn’t just give you weekly meals plans, she makes them flexible and bases them on the meals you ate prior which In turn makes them easier to fit into a busy life. With her guidance there is a difference in the way I see food, i understand what my body needs rather than wants.”

The weekly calls helped so much because you reflect on what you did well & what could have been better– things you never think to ask yourself.  I could go on forever!

My goal now is to remain at my happy weight & make sure that when I’m not that exact weight I’m comfortable at its ok.  No one else notices the additional lb I may have gained because I ate the pizza that tasted so good & was so worth it- I know that it’s ok to eat the wrong stuff every now and again. Through her coaching she’s given me the confidence to make the right decisions so in my opinion she’s worth every penny (and probably a little more”

To anyone thinking of working with Katie-They should 100% do it.  So many people will try & teach themselves how to track etc (myself included) but its so easy to get wrong & you have no accountability if you’re doing it alone-who’s going to know if you eat the cake&don’t lose a pound this week, right?

To summarise yes I did the work in regards to feeding myself but I wouldn’t have lost the weight without Katie’s  support – checking in on me & keeping me focused on my end goals

Georgia's Story














“Despite going to the gym 5-6 times a week and attempting various juice/shake diets, and going for spells of ‘eating clean’ for a few weeks at a time, I never saw the results I felt I deserved.”

“ I was reluctant to re-evaluate my nutrition as, although deep down  I knew something needed to change, I was scared to, due to some very negative experiences with dieting.”

“through the knowledge, guidance and support of @mytypenutrition, I have learnt that an effective diet isn’t just eating carrot and celery sticks, and restricting calories at all costs. It’s in fact quite the opposite . I’ve managed to achieve the goals I didn’t initially believe were possible through a nutritious, balanced and flexible diet>”

“For anyone else who feels they are ready to change but just don’t know quite where to begin- I couldn’t recommend enough getting in touch with Katie J P.S. sorry not sorry for the underwear pics”

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Agata's Story



















“We are all busy. So busy, in fact, that we forget about eating or sleeping properly.”

“ Thanks to Katie I finally started prioritising myself and investing in my health. Guidance from Katie quickly turned into a new lifestyle and transition couldn't be easier and more enjoyable. My skin, hair, and nails never looked better, I have more energy and my weight continues to drop.”

“ Katie is extremely thorough, well organised and doesn't leave the stone unturned”

"She has tons of knowledge and always gives you 'why' behind each recommendation. I can't praise Katie enough “




Jessie’s story








“I've been following Katie's advice for over a year now and I can't express how grateful I am. I had knowledge about nutrition before but to a certain extent”.

“Katie really gave me the keys to understand why some ingredients were better than others and at what time of the day their nutriments would benefit me the most. My body has changed but the main change I really noticed is my mindset towards food. I highly recommend Katie to anyone, from beginner to people who knows a lot already but struggle to progress! Thanks Katie! “






Fiona's Story

“I felt rubbish- I was snacking non-stop,would think nothing of eating a large bar of galaxy, followed by a bag of crisps.”

“ I wasn’t buying any clothes- in fact I wouldn’t even go shopping and was wearing baggy clothes and didn’t want to go out!”

“ After speaking to you I decided if anyone could help me, you could.”

“ I started feeling better and more in control near enough straight away. Once I shifted 5lbs I went shopping.”

“With your help I can look at the menu and choose the right thing to eat without having to say to anybody ‘I cant eat that I’m still on a diet’ and I can still have a glass of wine”

“You are a complete start and never judged, but always helpful and pointing me in the right direction”






J's Story

“I hit my goal weight!”

“ Katie is very knowledgable , but most importantly you do feel she cares about your progress/situation and will go the extra mile to ensure you meet your goals”


V's Story

“ I’m having a few treats here and there and still losing weight."


"I’m the lowest I’ve weighed in years and years and in fact I can’t actually remember when I ever weighed this!”



A’s Story

" I wasn’t in control of my eating and my knowledge about food wasn’t good- I wanted a good and positive understanding, and just feel good in my own body and lose some weight."


"Now, I feel better about my own body and am not worrying. My energy levels are

better as I eat better . To anyone that is thinking of working with Katie- Do it because the support and she is just amazing help. It is the best way to start losing weight." 


Do you relate to any of the stories above?


Do you want to finally lose weight that stays off, and change your attitude to food and most importantly , yourself, for good?




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