Aime's Story 

“For most of my adult life I have been trying to lose weight, nothing ever worked long term. It became clear to me I had no idea what I was doing and I really needed someone’s help. After years of failure I was sceptical but after my first 2 weeks this scepticism was to be proved wrong. “

“Katie doesn’t just give you weekly meals plans, she makes them flexible and bases them on the meals you ate prior which In turn makes them easier to fit into a busy life. With her guidance there is a difference in the way I see food, i understand what my body needs rather than wants.”

“ I also know that it’s ok to eat the wrong stuff every now and again. Through her coaching she’s given me the confidence to make the right decisions so in my opinion she’s worth every penny (and probably a little more”

Agata's Story

“We are all busy. So busy, in fact, that we forget about eating or sleeping properly.”

“ Thanks to Katie I finally started prioritising myself and investing in my health. Guidance from Katie quickly turned into a new lifestyle and transition couldn't be easier and more enjoyable. My skin, hair, and nails never looked better, I have more energy and my weight continues to drop.”

“ Katie is extremely thorough, well organised and doesn't leave the stone unturned”

"She has tons of knowledge and always gives you 'why' behind each recommendation. I can't praise Katie enough “

Jessie’s story

“I've been following Katie's advice for over a year now and I can't express how grateful I am. I had knowledge about nutrition before but to a certain extent”.

“Katie really gave me the keys to understand why some ingredients were better than others and at what time of the day their nutriments would benefit me the most. My body has changed but the main change I really noticed is my mindset towards food. I highly recommend Katie to anyone, from beginner to people who knows a lot already but struggle to progress! Thanks Katie! “

Fiona's Story

“I felt rubbish- I was snacking non-stop,would think nothing of eating a large bar of galaxy, followed by a bag of crisps.”

“ I wasn’t buying any clothes- in fact I wouldn’t even go shopping and was wearing baggy clothes and didn’t want to go out!”

“ After speaking to you I decided if anyone could help me, you could.”

“ I started feeling better and more in control near enough straight away. Once I shifted 5lbs I went shopping.”

“With your help I can look at the menu and choose the right thing to eat without having to say to anybody ‘I cant eat that I’m still on a diet’ and I can still have a glass of wine”

“You are a complete start and never judged, but always helpful and pointing me in the right direction”

J's Story

“I hit my goal weight!”

“ Katie is very knowledgable , but most importantly you do feel she cares about your progress/situation and will go the extra mile to ensure you meet your goals”

V's Story

“ I’m having a few treats here and there and still losing weight."


"I’m the lowest I’ve weighed in years and years and in fact I can’t actually remember when I ever weighed this!”

A’s Story

" I wasn’t in control of my eating and my knowledge about food wasn’t good- I wanted a good and positive understanding, and just feel good in my own body and lose some weight."


"Now, I feel better about my own body and am not worrying. My energy levels are

better as I eat better . To anyone that is thinking of working with Katie- Do it because the support and she is just amazing help. It is the best way to start losing weight." 


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