• Katie Chaplin

You should avoid carbs if you want to lose weight..

...Well, that’s what you’ve been told

They’ll be the food you worry about, the food you are so conscious of

But when you don’t have them, you feel you’re missing out

Photo cred HIIT Kitchen UK

You get tired and emotional

Your day ( and your eating) didn’t pan out the way you wanted it to..

..And carbs are the food you end up bingeing on

And so it goes on.

Carbs aren’t the enemy


They are easy to overconsume..

..And can have a negative impact on cravings and energy ( but can also have some ver y positive impacts on these!)


They are important fuel for higher intensity workouts and weight lifting

They are important for hormone health

AND (which many people forget) you’ll be adding to your vitamin, mineral and fibre intake

ALSO- We like them!!!

DON’T Cut them out

Instead, focus on having a serving of protein in each meal , eating fat and protein based snacks ( the exception to this is around the window in which you work out)..

..And base carb sources around products like wholegrain/brown pasta, rice and bread, oats and sweet potatoes.

Are you confused on what you actually need to reduce, increase, cut out in order to lose weight? Or do you feel like you’ve tried everything or do everything right and you still can’t lose weight?

I am here to clear the confusion and allow you to diet without all these confusing rules, allow fat loss into your schedule, and guess what, FINALLY ACHEIVE FAT THAT STAYS OFF!

..And for free. I am excited to say my next workshop at HIIT Kitchen St Albans is now confirmed! The date and further details will be announced on my Facebook and Instagram LIVE tomorrow- to follow me on instagram, click this link, and on Facebook, click this link


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