• Katie Chaplin

You cant compare me to a year ago

Back then, I was burned out

Constantly anxious

Scared of trusting myself or my instincts

Surviving on coffee

Not sleeping enough

I Didn’t feel I was good enough

That my business would fail

I needed help but I didn’t have enough belief in myself to invest the money I needed to

I had seen Rich on a youtube video about using Linked In for marketing- it sounded like a great idea so I got in touch

That was all I wanted- someone to quickly explain how to position myself well on this platform

I had a call with him

And started crying

I realised this guy could help me and we spoke about costs

Just under £2,000.00 to get started

At the time, I was earning way less than that a month

So I had to dig into my savings, intended for a house deposit

I have made several similar payments since

It was at points painful I’m not going to lie

He pushed me

There were A LOT more tears to come

There were so many times I doubted myself

Worried that my business would never earn more

That I wouldn’t see a return on what was a massive risk financially

But fast forward to 2019..

I have more clients than ever

Without working myself to the bone and burning myself out

I am already ,18 months in, drawing level with what I earned in my corporate job

But most importantly I am happier than ever- I love what I do and have an amazing group of people around me, ones I trust, ones that make me happy, ones that empower me

Don’t let the excuses stop you from being the best possible version of you, whether that’s a body you feel happy about when you look in the mirror, or building your dream job . YES you’ll often need the help- you MUST BELIEVE you deserve an INVESTMENT in yourself


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