• Katie Chaplin

Will protein bars and powders help me lose weight?

First of all, no food has magic qualities that will lead you to effortlessly lose half a stone in 2 weeks- despite what some products claim!

That said , protein is an EXCELLENT tool for fat loss.

It’s highly satiating- meaning you get fuller quicker and feel more satisfied. It also helps keep your energy levels steady and hunger at bay, meaning not only will you likely eat less you’re going to be less tempted by those biscuits or chocolates.

Aside from this , protein is vital for many every day bodily functions and processes, and has a huge role in muscle repair and building, so it is important that protein remains a focus in the diet.

Food sources high in protein include meat, meat replacement products (e.g. Tofu and Seitan), eggs and beans. I recommend to my clients that the majority of your protein needs come from these products..



Bars and powders are excellent for topping up your needs- by this I mean that many people will struggle initially to get their protein to a decent level ( mainly because its so filling, not a bad problem to have when you are trying to lose weight!), and these will help you achieve this.

They also offer convenience- realistically, if one of the girls I coach is working away and doesn’t have access to a fridge, am I going to suggest she brings a chicken breast or some boiled eggs for the ride? No! Instead she will carry a protein bar or two in her bag with her.

They also are also amazing for making all sorts of awesome tasting foods- from pancakes to bread or just to jazz up your porridge ( I have tons of recipes on my website so let me know if you want some inspiration!)

So whilst you shouldn’t rely on these as your main source of protein, the convenience they provide us means they can be a helpful supplement to your day.

If you are struggling to understand what foods you should be having in order to lose weight, I am here to help- I have just opened up some slots for my 30 minute transformation sessions for March – these are on the phone and completely FREE, so if you would like one, just fill in THIS FORM today and I will book you in.


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