• Katie Chaplin

Will poor sleep affect your weight loss goals?

YES- you’re only making weight loss even HARDER for yourself

Poor sleep quality causes hormonal disruptions which result in increased hunger

It also increases the amount of food needed to feel full, and causes an increase in cravings for high-calorie junk foods


Generally, you  should be aiming for at least 7 and a half hours of sleep per night

Why not 8 ? Well,we sleep in 90 minute cycles, with our sleep being lightest at the beginning/end of these- it is at this point it is easiest to wake up, so we should aim to be setting an alarm at the end of a cycle, hence 7 and a half hours, rather than 8; you will likely feel groggy and find it harder to wake up if you aim for the latter.

These sleep cycles are often why snoozing your alarm can make it harder to wake up- as you just enter another sleep cycle.

So how can you improve your sleep?

In the hour and half before going to bed

1.      Ensure that low lighting is used- this encourages a reduction in the hormones keeping you awake, and an increase in those that enable you to sleep. Therefore, light emitting devices such as TVs and tablets should be minimised, and ideally cut out completely, in this period. Blackout blinds are a great idea ( particularly now as it gets light so early), as are eye masks.

2.      Find relaxing activities that wind you down, e.g. talking to loved ones ( rather than going on social media!), warm baths, meditation, use of lavender oils, stretching, cooking and reading are all great activities.

3.      Journalling- writing down what you need to do tomorrow, and any worries from the day, acts as a brain ‘de-load’, transferring these from your brain, onto paper- Instead of them swirling round in your head! You can also relax more, knowing you have a plan of action ready for tomorrow.

4.      Make sure you eat! Not only is this an excellent mindful activity to help relax you ( if there a no distractions e.g. TV),  it brings about the rest and digest phase, to help you unwind. This is where we can use the chemicals released from food , that bring about pleasure and relaxation to our advantage ( these are higher if the meal is higher in carbs.)

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