• Katie Chaplin

Why do we stay stuck in a body we don’t like, for so long?

As much as its difficult to accept, because it might seem like you are very uncomfortable…

… you are in fact, deep in a comfort zone

You are scared to change

Because you’ve been on hard diets before

Or at the very least , you think the diets will be hard

You hated every second of the gym

You are worried what your friends, boyfriend or family will think

Worried you won’t be able to have a drink

Or a meal out

Basically, you are avoiding any potential pain

And that’s OK

This is how we are wired

But we are also highly irrational

Is it really going to be as bad as we made out?

Is it really because we are crap at dieting, we don’t have the willpower, we are meant to be the size we are?

Why did we fail last time?

Is there a coach more suited to us?

A diet that will work better?

Are we genuinely going to put up with feeling crap about ourselves for another decade or two?

Do we have to?

Absolutely not. If you are genuinely ready to change, then I can help you- and for free. I have two transformation session slots left for next week-these are completely free and focus on the mindset aspects of weight loss- why you have failed in the past and what you need to do in order to achieve the weight loss you want. To claim yours, click THIS LINK, fill out the form, and I will be in contact ASAP


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