• Katie Chaplin

Why are you bingeing?

Do you feel your afternoons are just a combination of hunger, fatigue and moodiness?

You are likely not eating optimally.

By this , I mean certain foods play havoc with your blood sugar levels- meaning yes, you may feel an initial high after you have eaten the food, but this will be short lived- you will crash, feeling more tired, hungry and moodier than before. You will also start craving the things that gave you the initial high, so quickly the afternoon can fall into a food fest , so you end the day feeling guilty, moodier and more tired than ever, AND probably still hungry!

The worst culprits for this are things like white pasta, bread, crisps, sweets and biscuits.

In order to stop this binge rollercoaster, ensure you have a good portion of protein at each meal ( the size of your fist or hand in karate chop position) and snacks should be protein and fat based ( so things like lean meats, protein yoghurts, shakes, nuts and olives).

Why is it so much harder to resist the biscuit tin by mid- afternoon?

Again this could be because of the choices you are making earlier in the day, but chiefly it will likely be because you are tired.

Not only is fatigue often mistaken for hunger, it also reduces your will power and increases cravings for junk foods.

Therefore, make sure you have a snack on standby that will stabilise your energy ,prevent cravings and mean you aren’t having to draw on that willpower- such as the ones mentioned above.

If you tolerate caffeine well and is still early/mid-afternoon, this would also be a good time to have a coffee. If you can have a 10 minute break at this point, please also do this! Going for a quick walk around the building will wake you up ( and is also of course a great form of exercise).

Of course if you don’t sleep well , this is going to cause the issues above too- to improve this, please check out this blog.

Not having foods you like !

No matter how motivated you are at the beginning of the diet- if you are not eating foods you enjoy, the diet is going to last five seconds. You begin to obsess about the foods you cant have; it is human nature that the minute something is off limits- the more you want it!

Ultimately we want to be including the naughtier foods in , but in moderation- this can take some time and support from a coach.

We also want to be sourcing recipes of foods you like that ARE healthy, as well as making healthy alternatives to the junk food and takeaways- this is something I pride myself on and is why my clients not only lose the weight they’ve been wanting to shift for years, but also don’t feel the need for those weekly cheat meals or ‘lost weekends!’

Human need for unpredictability and fun

This is an interesting one.

If you restrict too much, each boring food, don’t go out, you’re subconsciously going to sabotage your efforts –one of six human needs is to have unpredictability and fun in our lives , if you’re not doing this your mind will find a way of finding it-and this can be in the form of junk or alcohol at the weekend!

Emotional eating

When we are stressed, upset and depressed , your appetite will be affected.

Some will eat less , some will take comfort from food and eat more.

Food we like, particularly junk foods which are high in fat and carbohydrates, release pleasure chemicals , similar to that released in drugs- this initially makes us feel better, but is often swiftly followed by guilt, low mood and strong cravings.

It is important you are aware of your emotions- if you feel any of the above- take ten minutes out to assess the situation and calm down- this can often break the state and reset you, instead of snowballing with those emotions and into subsequent biscuit binges.

Anxiety and depression are often linked to weight problems and even eating disorders- weight gain can often be a symptom of a mental health issue -if you feel you may be suffering from one of these, seek help. Do not be afraid or ashamed to speak to your doctor, who will recommend the next steps and best course of action for you

Let’s stop your binge eating, yo-yo and fad diets- right now. Get weight loss which is going to stay off and enables you to eat amazing food (without the guilty binge afterthoughts) . Get a start, for free, today- apply for a 30 minute transformation session with me, with absolutely no obligations, by filling in this form ( but be quick, as I have not got many slots left for February!)


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