• Katie Chaplin

Who's responsibility is it?

Pre- COVID19, we took my boyfriend’s kids to Flip Out- a kid’s trampolining centre in North London

After the boys had finished they went off to buy a drink

There was a bit of a queue and there seemed to be a bit of commotion involving a guy and his son

Anyway, the kids got their drink and told us what had happened

Apparently the man at the front was kicking off because his child had chosen a muffin and he had a nut allergy

He expected for the lady on the till, to TELL HIM the muffin had nuts in it, even though she hadn’t been informed he had a nut allergy

My boyfriend and his son were appalled- it’s important to point out that my boyfriend’s son HAS a nut allergy, and they have had instances in restaurants where they have asked if something has nuts in- the staff promised them it didn’t contain any, he then ate the product, which DID turn out to have nuts in , and he had an allergic reaction- understandably, my boyfriend then did go beserk.

But to me , that’s the key difference

My boyfriend ASKED the vendor if the product had nuts it it

Rather than assuming they would ask

I am sorry but when did it become everyone else’s responsibility?!

I do understand that if you’re buying something packaged, it should of course state it, but expecting somewhere like Flip Out to personally request a rundown of each person’s allergies , before allowing them to purchase a snack, in my opinion is, at best, highly inpractical, and at worst absolutely ridiculous .

This actually reminded me of people that moan about their diet and body- If you need and want help people will be more and willing to give it to you- ASK !!!!

Dont expect it to be laid out on a platter

The world isn’t there to do your bidding , it won’t give you everything you want PURELY BECAUSE YOU EXPECT IT TO.

ASK for that diet help, and people will be more than happy to oblige, I promise

I’m interested to hear other’s opinions on this-I know this may be a polarising topic!!


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