• Katie Chaplin

What SHOULD I be tracking?

“How much sugar should I be having?”

“Low fat ?”

“Low carb?”

“How much protein should I have?”

“What time should I eat?”

If you are confused and sick of food rules that make sense to you ..


Many are getting way too technical when they just need the basics to start losing weight..

.. saving time , energy and money

For a female fat loss client, my main focus will be ensuring they have adequate protein ( 95% of the clients coming to me for weight loss don’t eat enough), 5-8 portions of fruit and veg- both not only have the health benefits but are excellent at making you full, satisfied and helping keep cravings at bay..

.. JUST these TWO things alone get the scale number falling and the inches dropping.

There is no need to have a meltdown about sugar, its not evil and can certainly stay in a diet in moderation- but just make sure 80% of the time you are getting carbs from sources such as wholegrain/brown pasta, rice and bread, oats and sweet potatoes

Don’t cut carbs out across the day

Don’t cut fat out across the day

Its not necessary and will just end in tears


If you want to lose weight in a simple way, no rules, point systems, banning certain foods etc etc, then my Confused About Carbs workshop is for you. It is taking place at HIIT Kitchen on the 17th April at 6:30pm, and is completely free ( and is females only!)


Places are going FAST , so reserve your space today by sending me a message or commenting below.


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