• Katie Chaplin

What is THE best goal?

Which one will make me lose weight?

What is going to keep me motivated?

So many people come to me starting with one goal

The one they “should “have

The one they feel is obtainable “ I don’t want to aim to high in case I get disappointed”

“It sounds vain but I want to fit into this dress”

So they end up quashing that goal

Until I come along..


WHAT is going to keep YOU on track?

Every choice we make comes down to what we believe will make us happy

Unfortunately the majority of the time this comes down to..

.. “what will make me happy in this moment?”

If you aren’t honest with what you truly want..

..And have a bad day

And there is some chocolate in the cupboard

What is going to win?

the mediocre goal?

or the desire to have the chocolate?

THINK about when this has happened in the past

What won?

Have you even given yourself the time to REALLY think about what YOU TRULY WANT?

Or got the help to point you in the right direction- that one that moves you towards success ( and away from the chocolate bars?)

If you need that help- I am here. I have a few spots for free transformation sessions at the end of August . These cover the mindset aspects of weight loss, why you have failed in the past, and how to move forward into weight loss ( that stays off!) to reserve yours, fill in this form, and we will be in touch ASAP!


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