• Katie Chaplin

What is STOPPING us from being happy?

From getting the body we want?


But an immediate need

The quick fix

We are programmed to constantly be seeking things that make us happy

As QUICKLY as possible

The problem is that these things don’t tend to be things that make us happy long term

When was the last time you made a quick impulsive decision?

I want that glass of wine

Those biscuits that are just too tempting

The crash diet where you lost 5lbs in a week

Or even, “ I’m not that interested in this guy, but hey, its attention!”

How did they end up?

This is not helped by the fact that our need for a quick fix is just getting worse- we are so used to having everything at our finger tips, that our tolerance for playing the long game is at an all time low.

We feel down

We can buy a new dress in two clicks

Order a takeaway from deliveroo

Post a selfie on Instagram for some likes

A few matches on bumble

We hate that full length photo our friend took of us, but we can take a selfie and filter the shit out of it

Or the scales have stayed the same this week- but we know that chocolate bar will make us happy

It might not be what you want to do at the time

We have to work hard to resist this

Practice patience

Remember the minimal benefits the quick fix gets us

Have that support

It is essential I keep my clients completely focused on the goals they want, I repeatedly ask them why they are important to them.

And as the weight falls of, how they USED to feel

We set the long term goal, but we have the short term ones set , so that they get their dose of gratification!..

.. a dose that doesn’t ruin progress!

If you want to hear more about how to get that help resisting the quick fixes, and getting weight loss that stays off, I can help you, and for free- to claim your 30 minute transformation session- click this link and fill in the form- but be quick , we only have a few left for August!


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