• Katie Chaplin

What DO you want?

What do YOU want?

Its all too easy to get sucked into what you think you SHOULD want

You worrying about telling your friends you want to fit into a certain size or wear a certain dress through fear of being vain or sounding silly or simply them not understanding

You also get envious of your friend’s flat stomach, and another’s toned arms

Or the fact another lost a stone in two weeks on slimming world

Or got to a size 8 on Herbalife

Whether you like it or not we are all different

Cookie-cutter meal plans you can find in a magazine or on Mail Online wont suit everyone

Neither will points systems

Partly because we have different likes, dislikes, activity levels, lifestyles

But also because we have different histories with dieting

And things that MAKE US TICK

Our own personal struggles

What is it you truly want?

I bet you haven’t given yourself just half an hour , with a paper and pen, no distractions to work this out

Asking yourself why didn’t those diets work in the past?

(and no “ I am crap at diets, I’m meant to be this size” isnt one of them)

Neither is “ It didn’t work for me”

Because I want to know WHY

And what is it you truly want?

And have you got anyone helping you?

And have you worked out how to get there?

How long it will take, to lose weight but also keep it off?

Or do you just prefer to complain, resent yourself and others, and just do another painful diet in January, or when a holiday is looming?

You may think “how ridiculous, of course I don’t prefer that!”

Well then I am hoping this means you are ready to change, and get that plan of action in place.


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