• Katie Chaplin


“I only lost 1lb this week”

“But I lost 5lb last week!”

“Sod it , this diet clearly isn’t working, AND I cant eat food I like, or go out with my friends- Ill start another one on Monday”

By Monday, the weight you lost on the latest diet is back on.

Believe it or not, losing weight slowly is actually a good thing!

We shouldn’t be losing more than 2lbs a week as this indicates you’re not eating enough food, that the diet isn’t sustainable , and youll only crack a few weeks down the line and pile it back on.

The key here is to ensure you allow enough time

Starting now is perfect if you are going away in the summer ; let’s say you are going away in mid-July- you have 19 weeks to lose weight. If you diet sensibly, you could easily lose anywhere between 1 and 2 and a half stone in that time. The problem is many only decide a month before that they want to lose weight, panic and go down the path of least resistance; buying the latest diet product, or skipping meals.

Give yourself rewards and goals

In order to keep yourself on track and motivated, it is important to ensure you have your ultimate long term goal, but put smaller goals in between; for example half a stone in the first six weeks. Give yourself a reward if you hit this- a great idea would be to put a dress you love in your wish list at the beginning of the 6 weeks, but in one dress size SMALLER than you currently are (7lbs is roughly the equivalent of a dress size so this works well).

So how much food should I have

There are a lot of calculators available online that allow you to determine your calorie intake based on your gender, weight, height and activity level- these are called TDEE calculators, and will give you a good starting point- however these aren’t as accurate or bespoke as having your calories professional calculated by a nutritionist, so do let me know if this something you would prefer to do, and we can discuss your needs and getting this calculated for you.

The problem is with many diets out there is that they only allow you to have 1200 calories. The average woman needs 2000 per day, but for someone that is overweight, this will be roughly around the 3000 calorie mark...

....Asking someone to slash their calories by 60% is asking for trouble - your body is a survival machine and it will perceive this as being starved and will do everything in its power to stop this- namely mood swings, increase in cravings and fatigue.If you FINALLY have accepted this is not the right path for you and want to achieve weight loss, that stays off, and enables you to feel amazing in your holiday wardrobe this year- I will help get the ball rolling for you, for free! I have opened up my diary to take on even more ladies for my 30 minute transformation sessions for March. To claim your spot, just fill in this form or send me a message


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