• Katie Chaplin

Testimonial- Georgia


“Despite going to the gym 5-6 times a week and attempting various juice/shake diets, and going for spells of ‘eating clean’ for a few weeks at a time, I never saw the results I felt I deserved.”

“ I was reluctant to re-evaluate my nutrition as, although deep down I knew something needed to change, I was scared to, due to some very negative experiences with dieting.”

“Through the knowledge, guidance and support of @mytypenutrition, I have learnt that an effective diet isn’t just eating carrot and celery sticks, and restricting calories at all costs. It’s in fact quite the opposite . I’ve managed to achieve the goals I didn’t initially believe were possible through a nutritious, balanced and flexible diet”

“For anyone else who feels they are ready to change but just don’t know quite where to begin- I couldn’t recommend enough getting in touch with Katie :) P.S. sorry not sorry for the underwear pics”

So proud of you Georgia! She has overcome her previous mindset and demons around food and body image and looks absolutely incredible! Not only that but she is a happier, more confident , even-better version of herself. She worked hard, listened and took on all the feedback and resources I provided for her, and is an absolute dream to work with.

Do you feel you work hard but STILL aren’t getting the results? Do you think your mindset is holding you back? Are you sick of boring, restrictive and miserable diets? It doesn’t have to be this way! I have some transformation sessions left for the beginning of October, click HERE , fill in the form and I will be in touch ASAP


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