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Smoky BBQ Sausage and Beans

If you like sweet and smoky BBQ flavours, then this one is for you- it tastes INCREDIBLE; I have only made it a few times but had to share it with everyone because it is just so good! It would be a fantastic addition to any BBQ, or quite simply a family meal or meal prep -although if you want to use it to reheat in the coming days, I would advise adding the eggs at that point rather than oven cook them ( as per the below instructions).

This is a recipe from HECK Food , however I have adapted it to be a bit more diet friendly.

HECK are everywhere at the moment and for good reason; ‘normal’ sausages are high in saturated fat and calories, and , when compared to other meats, are pretty low in protein. Like I have said in my previous blog on fats, saturated fat is not something you need to be avoiding like the plague, so , although sausages are absolutely fine to have on occasion, it is wise to find healthier substitutes; the sausages I use in this recipe are 209 calories for two sausages, and have 26.3g of protein and 1.3g saturated fat- whilst two normal sausages can set you back 356 calories, 10.6g saturated fat, yet only have 17.3g protein.

The addition of beans is also great for those that want a hearty healthy meal without any damage to their waistlines; they are high in fibre and are considered a low glycaemic index carbohydrate, meaning you are fuller for longer and will likely be less vulnerable to cravings for junk foods. ( I am happy to expand on this in another blog if people want me to). They also contain some protein, and are also a good source of magnesium, iron and folic acid among others.

For the above reasons, beans are considered an excellent staple for vegans, and whilst this dish contains eggs and sausages you could easily swap out for the quorn veggie versions, and not include the eggs ; if I am using this for a meal prep that needs to last me a few days, I have not bothered with the eggs, and have substituted it for something else -see note below the recipe instructions- so you certainly wouldn’t be missing out if you did this. For those who want to learn more about how to get started with a vegan diet, or , if you are already a vegan and just want to optimise your diet and health, please have a look at my blog on this subject

Ingredients (Serves 3)

  • 1 pack of HECK Super lean sausages

  • 1 TBSP Olive oil

  • 1 red onion ( finely sliced)

  • 400g tinned chopped tomatoes

  • 400g tin of Haricot or cannellini beans ( the former look more like Baked Beans, should you prefer to go for that)

  • 200ml almond milk

  • 4 medium eggs

  • 2 tsps Stevia ( to taste, see instructions)

  • 2 tsps smoked paprika

  • 1 or 2 tsps chipotle chilli flakes ( again to taste)


1. Preheat the oven to 180C

2. In a large pot, fry the sausages in the oil until starting to go brown ( this is about 5 minutes)

3. Add the red onion, cook for another 5 minutes

4. Add the tomatoes, almond milk and beans, and the chilli flakes, paprika and stevia ( the latter is very much to taste, so I would suggest starting with one teaspoon , once all the other spices are added, and go from there)

5. Simmer ( this is about heat 4 on an electric hob that goes up to heat 9) for 15-20 mins

6. Transfer to a large heat proof dish or baking tray, make 4 holes in the mixture and crack an egg in each hole

7. Cover the tray in foil and cook for 15 minutes


434 Kcals

40g Protein

36g Carbs

14g Fat

This dish would go well with peas, wholemeal tortillas, roasted new potatoes, mushrooms.. ...experiment and let me know how you get on!


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