• Katie Chaplin

Should I switch to decaff?

Caffeine, in moderation, is certainly an excellent tool! It improves mental and physical performance and reduces effort perception so that you , in theory should be able to keep going longer in the gym ( and in turn burn more calories!), not to mention the obvious decreases in fatigue.

It may also help you avoid running for the junk food-mid afternoon or mid morning cravings are often the result of fatigue (link to my blog on this subject is here ) so this is often a useful time to have some form of caffeine if you tolerate it well.

That said , it is important to realise if you have hit the point where you are purely masking fatigue- your body is still tired, and at some point , you need to give it a break!

Up until recently I was juggling three jobs- of course having your own company is hard work, especially the earlier days, and sleep may suffer. But as a nutritionist I have a responsibility to be as healthy as possible- and drinking coffee like its going out of fashion to stay awake, is certainly not that!

Essentially it should all come back to health and respecting your body- yes, I would be lying if I said that how I look isn’t important to me , and how my clients look isn’t important to them, but wanting to be in shape and eating and drinking healthily ( 80/90% of the time at least!), is a powerful representation of respect for yourself and your body. Don’t forget, look after it , and your body will look after you!

Decaf coffee is something I have been drinking more recently- I try to stick to one ‘full-caff’ coffee a day; If I feel I need more than this; I ask myself why; have I slept enough, have I had enough breaks, am I recovering properly?

Decaf coffee still has caffeine it in ( if you want caffeine free, look for un-caffeinated) so you still get some benefits, without fatigue being completely masked- this allows you to have the pros of caffeine, without kidding yourself that you’re absolutely fine and have had 9 hours of sleep- only to burnout, with all its fun side effects, often including weight gain!- a month later.

So why not start swapping out one full caff coffee for one decaff, and see , and let me know how you get on!!

For more tips on how to optimise your health , happiness and lose weight in the process , click here to check out my blog on sleep, or feel free to contact me, to have a free, no-obligation chat about whether my one to one nutrition coaching program would work for you.

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