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Rocky Road Bars

When was the last time those tubs of mini cakes did the rounds of your office?

Each time you are left with 2 choices:

You either don’t have one and feel deprived and resentful ( of the cakes and the person who innocently offered them!)


You cave and have four.

I’ve got a healthier bar to replace those cakes and the inner conflict! These are MUCH lower in carbs and MUCH higher in protein , which means your cravings will be satisfied, so you won’t be running off for another sweet treat an hour later (and having to deal with the associated guilt- just what you need on top of everything else!).

This is a protein pow recipe- if you don’t already, I highly recommend you give them a follow if you enjoy making sweet treats.

Let me know how you get on!


45g oats

30g peanut butter

35g Vanilla Casein ( can also use @awesomesupps vegan protein)

90g Chocolate whey

20g no added sugar marshmallows

50g dark chocolate

Almond milk (*approx. 150 ml- see below)

Prep time: 15 mins

Cooking time: No cooking but 30 mins in freezer!


1. If, like me, you can only get hold of the big marshmallows, roughly chop these ( scissors also work!).

2. Combine the oats, casein, whey and marshmallows.

3. Now add the peanut butter , and slowly add in the milk( * this will need to be added slowly as it goes very sticky very quickly).

4. At this point, move the lump of dough onto a chopping board. As I said above , the dough will be a bit sticky, so A couple of tips from this point:

I) Add a small amount of coconut flour .

II) Leave in the freezer for half an hour and go off and do something else!

5. Roll out the dough- chuck some flour on the rolling pin.

6. Melt the chocolate- easily done in the microwave- link here.

7. Spread the chocolate on the dough- just as you would spread butter on toast.

8. The chocolate will set almost instantly if the dough has been in the freezer, so you can cut this into 8 bars or squares very soon after.

9. Store this in the fridge!


Kcals 147

Carbs 10g

Protein 16g

Fat 4.7g

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