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Restaurants- What to eat?

Following on from last week’s Part One blog on restaurants, I have sourced a few recipes from some common chain restaurants.

Note that some of the ones I have chosen don’t have the best reputations as far as healthy eating is concerned; I felt it was important to show that are always options and choices!

Remember “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse”

I hope you find this useful!


A word of warning here is the many side dishes Wagas offer are not ideal for someone watching their waist line- you are better off going for a meal- as it has more fibre, takes longer to eat and often has more flavour , so you are much less likely to feel deprived; In many cases, you could get two sides , and could already be consuming half of your recommended daily intake- for example, the Duck Gyoza and Chilli Squid add up to just over 900 calories.

Good options include

  • Yasai yaki soba (696 Kcals)

  • Chicken Ramen (476 Kcals)

  • Sirloin Chilli Steak Ramen( 665 Kcals )

  • Any of the salads- in fact if you had a salad and either the Pork or Chicken Gyoza, or the Duck Lettuce Wraps, this would work out between 650-700 calories


Again its best to avoid the starters here- most range from 400-1000 calories. However, the mixed olives come out at 144 calories per serving, whilst the prawn and zucchini bites come in at 270 calories.

Please note that although these pizzas and pastas are the best options for that type of food- from a nutritional perspective they still aren’t amazing- low in protein and very high in carbs means they are very easy to over consume, and often don’t offer much in the way of nutrients.

Good Options include

  • The meat and fish dishes -They are high in protein and come in between 290 and 400 calories. Add brocolli or a plain side salad and you’ll likely find your full pretty quickly, but you could add a side of herby potatoes for 338 calories.

  • All the salads -although the Super Zucca Salad with chicken is 700 calories- which is likely more than most would anticipate.

  • Skinny Pizzas, which are all 500 calories or below. Be warned most of the pizzas are over 1000 calories ( for most women, the recommended intake- bearing in mind most in a fat loss phase would be on lower - is 2000 A DAY)

  • Pasta wise- Spaghetti Bolognese, King Prawn Linguine or the Ravioli Di Capra -all 500 calories or under.


Nandos is one of the better options- I don’t really think there are many absolute no’s on the menu. The meals are obviously meat dense so these meals have the added advantage of being very high in protein.

Good Options include

  • Chicken Butterfly (330 Kcals)

  • Grilled chicken pitta (401 Kcals)

  • Fillet Steak prego roll (384 Kcals)

  • Supergrain salad with Chicken Breast (507 Kcals)

  • Caesar salad with Chicken breast (464 Kcals)

Sides- stick to regular- some of the best ones include : Super grain, Spicy rice, Corn on the cob and Macho peas. If you opt for two sides, and get the side salad, you will end up feeling pretty full, so this would be a great option.

Ember Inns

Pub lunches are always tricky but is obviously a common social situation, so it is useful to be aware of the better options available. Again, the starters are best avoided, especially the sharers.

Good Options include

  • Chargrilled chicken and bacon salad (618 Kcals)

  • Teriyaki Chargrilled chicken (590 Kcals)

  • Half roast british chicken (with honey glaze) (542 Kcals)

  • Haddock and spring onion fish cakes (517 Kcals)

Advising clients on making the right menu choices is one of the features of my Total Month Support Package. To find out more, please visit my Services page, or contact me .


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