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Ready Meals

Surely I wouldn’t let my clients have these?

Actually, I do!

Photo cred: HIIT Kitchen

What a lot of people don’t appreciate is that I look after women that are busy. So busy that plans change at a moment’s notice, and they certainly don’t have time to spend an hour a day cooking

The difference here is that these are moderated and are used as a back up plan

Yes in an ideal world we would have our meal preps ready to go in the fridge at home and at work, however this is very much Plan A , and we need to have Plan B and C in the background

I recommend that clients have a couple of ready meals in the freezer, so they can grab something if they have to unexpectedly go and visit a client, or suddenly decide to go out for the day

I do however suggest they keep ready meals to once a week maximum; the quality is often not as good, and because they often lack in veg and protein, they actually feel smaller and therefore less satisfying than a home cooked meal. The flavour is often pretty average too, which can leave you feeling pretty deprived and reaching for something more exciting, aka junk food, soon after if you do this too often.

A few tips when picking a ready meal:

1) Get the best quality you can find- Marks and Spencers do the best ones in my opinion, with The Fuller For Longer and Balanced For You ranges being your best bets. HIIT Kitchen are also excellent and have a specific Fat Loss range- these are 'meal preps' meaning they are fresher than ready meals , which is ideal! ( link to website HERE)

2) Find those with a minimum of 20g protein in them- it is excellent for making, and keeping you full, and keeping cravings at bay, which as said above is important with a ready meal as they often aren’t as satisfying

3) Get some veg- as mentioned above the quality isn’t often the best, so we need to be increasing this- buy things like spinach or tomatoes, which can be quickly added with zero prep

Fitting losing weight in with your lifestyle is my speciality and why so many on-the-go women come to me and have so much success; whilst eating food they enjoy! If you are interested in finding out you can lose weight without it being another annoying thing to add to the ‘To-do’ list, I offer free 30 minute transformation sessions- so fill in this form and I will be in touch ASAP!


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