• Katie Chaplin

Mindless Eating

“ I don’t know why I haven’t lost weight, all I had was a salad and a cereal bar yesterday!”

How many times have you heard or said this?

Humans are notoriously terrible at recalling their food intake, and can underestimate food intake by up to 50%.

You forget you had that biscuit mid morning, or that packet of crisps with lunch, or that you had a ‘few’ minstrels whilst watching Netflix. Like it or not, this all adds up.

This is why tracking apps are so useful- I have had clients lose weight simply because they were tracking, because they were so unaware of how much or how badly they had been eating- a lot of people are in denial with regards to their diet, and shining that mirror in their faces is a very powerful tool.

With regardless to the mindless eating, we can stop this in its tracks...

1) The ex boyfriend analogy- would having your ex round every five seconds help you move on with your life, and forwards into a more positive, happy relationship with someone else? Of course not. You would feel like crap, confused, upset and likely get back with him at least once. So why would you do the same with a food that is no good for you? Keep it out of the house! It sounds simple, and it is. Lets not overcomplicate weight loss. If you have issues controlling your intake of junk food, there is nothing wrong with this, but you have to own it, and accept you are making life SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT FOR YOURSELF by keeping it in your house

2)If the above isn’t an option, for example at work, keep treats out of your sight -research has shown that people eat 71% more sweets if they can see the sweets through the bowl (1) - so simply covering the treats in with foil will massively help you! Even better, put them in a drawer!

3)Use healthy foods to hide the junk food! people are 3 times more likely to pick the first thing they see in the cupboard than the 5th thing they see- so have a quick rearrange of your fridge and cupboards ( this will literally take 10 minutes if that) to bring fruit, veggies and lean meats to the front , and push the junk to the back, this means if you do find yourself mindlessly eating , you are grabbing the veggies and not the hobnobs

Are you ready to take back control of your eating, and gain the body and confidence you have been longing for, for years? The good news is that it is waiting for you, but you have to take that first step- book onto a transformation session with me, to give you that kick start you need. The session is completely free, with absolutely no obligations, all you need to do is fill in this form!


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