• Katie Chaplin

Meal Prep

The word you hear everywhere

But isn’t it just chicken and broccoli?

Boring meals that taste like cardboard?


For many

However, if you do it right, and get the right help and recipes, you will NOT feel like you’re missing out

It makes things easier- if you are busy all day every day, do you really have time to worry about what you’re going to have for lunch?

Do you really want to get home after one of these busy days, remember you haven’t got anything for dinner, and go “ fuck it “ and order the pizza or grab the packet of biscuits?

You are making it SO hard for yourself!

What if a couple of hours cooking a week could make it easier for you?

What if it was food you actually liked?

That left you full and satisfied

Which stopped that temptation for the biscuit tin come mid-afternoon?

Don’t forget that my page on Instagram has tons of recipes, designed for women that want to lose weight , without having to spend hours in the kitchen, and they all taste AMAZING ( I use them all for my lunches and dinners and I’m not even dieting, they taste that good!)

If you feel there is more a mindset issue, and/or you want a personal meal plan, with my full bank of recipes- talk to me ! I will give you a FREE 30 minute transformation session, focusing on mindset, how to move you away from your current situation, and forwards into the body (and clothes!) you want. This has no obligations attached; if you want to hear about my services at the end you can, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to! Just fill in this form, and we will get you booked in


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