• Katie Chaplin

Low Confidence

I suffered with cripplingly low confidence until my mid twenties

I thought I was stuck with it

It limited me from achieving the body ..

..And the career

I wanted

It was an excuse

Yes you can have low confidence, but you can also get rid of it, with practice

For me this was watching my self talk

QUESTIONING the negative thoughts that came into my head

Doing things that scared me

And finding out I could cope with it

Getting coaches and mentors

That doesn’t mean to say there aren’t days when those negatives thoughts don’t still creep into my head

That I don’t still have the odd bad day

But I continue to question my thoughts, not let it defeat me, work out what I CAN do about a situation, and get back up.

If you aren’t confident in your body

You are not stuck with it

Yes you need to learn to love yourself

But you have all the resources to help

But telling yourself “ I just don’t have any confidence” is just like hitting a brick wall

You wont improve, you won’t grow, and you certainly won’t be able to achieve all the amazing things you want


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