• Katie Chaplin


Let go of your failures

The things you wish you hadn’t done

I heard a great analogy a while back

“If you’re driving a car and are completely focused on your rear view mirror, what’s going to happen? You’ll 1) miss what’s going on around you and in front of you, and 2) crash. “

If you are constantly thinking about your diet failures, for example, that time you did Herbalife and piled the weight you lost, back on in a few weeks

Or the second time you gave up Slimming World

Or the time you went on a No Sugar diet, but caved and ordered a large Dominos on a Saturday night

Or that time you put on half a stone on holiday

Focusing on this completely is damaging- the minute you hit a plateau, or simply a bad day, on a new diet or regime, you’ll give up

Because you’re so focused on the times you failed before

How can you move on from here?

The first step - start focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t

The “ dieters mindset” is a tricky area- one that many get stuck in for years, paralysing them to move forwards , and get the body the want AND be happy and healthy- my transformation calls focus on freeing your from this paralysis, and put you on track to FINALLY achieve that weight loss that stays off ! AND I HAVE OPENED UP MY DIARY FOR TWO TRANSFORMATION CALLS ON MONDAY 1st JULY – These are completely free so if you want one hurry, simply fill in this form asap


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