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LENT -How to get through it AND get the results you want

Are you doing it this year?

What are you giving up?

And why?

I see many “do Lent” in the hopes of losing weight

Whilst GENERALLY I don’t agree with cutting foods & food groups out, giving up something for Lent may actually be hugely beneficial


Because its SHORT TERM

There is less of a sense of deprivation or resentment if you know you are only cutting out a particular food for 6 weeks

It will be back in, it’s not going anywhere, we are just having a break

If you are wanting to do it this year- I highly recommend in that period that you try new things, or increase things you enjoy- this could be a healthy recipe you liked the look of, or a hobby you have been wanted to try, or kept meaning to get back into – making that food become less important & less of a weakness to you

A few of my clients have decided to it this year- different foods for different reasons, but it is something we will stay mindful of- like Dry Jan, many people will compensate with other foods; they have usually cut something out they love, so it’s a very common “side effect”- a surprising amount of people end Lent heavier than when they started.

My client’s food intake will be monitored & will keep consistent- so gaining weight is highly unlikely, They have their goals, & if these start to deviate from their actions , I will be pulling them up on it very quickly.

If you are doing it on your own, be warned- when you are finished, the risk of bingeing on the item you gave up, is HIGH. So have a strategy- a certain egg or amount of chocolate you can look forward but limit yourself to, on Easter Sunday, and plenty of activities over the holiday- help yourself to not end up headfirst into a chocolate coma on the Sunday & Monday

Going back to my clients, I actually think the boost they will have from the weight loss across the lent period, will keep them motivated once they finish, so they are unlikely to binge.

They will be so aligned and confident about their goals that it won’t be too much of an effort to resist throwing 3 Easter eggs down their throat come the 12th of April- & with the bank & summer holidays following swiftly after, what a great place to be in!

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