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Is Time of The Month ruining your fat loss goals?

Time of the month

You feel like you have absolutely no control around food

You don’t want to do anything

You feel like a whale

Your moods are all over the place!

Sound familiar?

Its irritating enough that we have to deal with this every month, but this can become even more difficult when you are trying to lose weight.

The good news is, there are ways we can make this easier!


First of all – the cravings.

Your body is slightly more sensitive to blood sugar just before your period- so when you are hungry you are going to REALLY feel it- be it feeling grumpy, tired, faint or getting strong cravings or a headache. The problem is, the thing you most commonly crave, chocolate!, is the worst thing you could have. You may get an initial high, but the crash you get very soon after is going to be pretty spectacular, and will make you crave the food even more ( unfortunately your body doesn’t recognise the fact the food made you crash, only the high it gave you just before) , so this merry go round of junk and bingeing can keep going for days, and easily completely ruin any progress you’ve made that month.

Your food needs to actually go UP just before your period- by approximately 150 calories- however women commonly eat far in excess of this figure just before their period ( a chocolate bar is about 250 calories, and if you eat more than one you can see why this is an issue). This is where a food tracking app is handy, and you can plan to eat that extra bit more food- this ideally should come in the form of carbohydrates , but ones just as wholemeal and whole grain foods, sweet potatoes and lentils. Cakes, biscuits, chocolate and white bread for example, will only make you feel worse

I’ve suddenly piled on loads of weight!

The hormonal changes just before your period cause you to retain water, which is often reflected in a change in scale weight. 1-2 kg is about the average, but more is not uncommon ( I have put on 4kg in the past !!)

This not only causes panic when your mood is potentially not in the best place any way, but is also hugely demoralising. If you are early on in losing weight, a sudden jump in your weight could likely make you fall off the wagon completely. It is therefore really useful to get a period tracking app, so that you are aware of where you are in your cycle, and therefore know WHY your weight has gone up ( I do keep a note of my client’s cycle so that I can warn them the week before, so that they are able to recognise an increase in weight but also get foods in that are going to make them feel good :))

You just cant be bothered

Fatigue is a big problem for many the week before. Don’t beat yourself , and take things easy. By easy I mean rather than going on intense runs, HIIT classes or smashing the weights, go for pilates and yoga sessions, or walks with a friend or partner. Its important to not stop completely, as exercise releases feel good endorphins, and also is often seen to improve PMT symptoms

If fatigue is a common issue you may have an iron deficiency. To avoid this, ensure you add red meat into your diet regularly, or if you are a vegetarian, ensure you have plenty of dark leafy greens in your diet, as well as wholegrains, tofu and beans and lentils. The problem with non meat sources of iron is that they aren’t readily absorbed into the body as meat sources. A trick here is to ensure you have adequate vitamin c in your diet, as this improves the uptake- sources of vitamin C include oranges, broccoli , cauliflower blackcurrants, tomatoes, red and green peppers and sweet potatoes

I specialise in female fat loss, so offer a helping hand in lifes ups and downs, stresses and cycles! If you are sick of struggling on your own and feel this is something you need help with, I offer free 30 minute transformation sessions with no obligations attached! Simply fill in this form, and I will be in contact!



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