• Katie Chaplin

“I’ll ruin my diet if I eat out”

“I have no control when I go out”

“ I don’t know what to do”

“ I always feel like I am missing out!”

First things first, you shouldn’t have to ditch the social life just because you’re on a diet- in fact I massively discourage this..

..for me , it is important (I hope it is for you too!) that the weight you lose stays off long term

If a diet stops you from enjoying your life, you won’t be able to stick to it long term

That doesn’t mean there won't be some sacrifices, but we need to create a lifestyle change, rather than a rigid diet. Although in order to get the best results, things need to be highly individualised, I have given a few tips below

PLAN- look at the menu ahead of time and decide what you are going to have- there will be a lot of distractions-sound and light are all manipulated in restaurants to make you buy more food and drink. Remember, your night could easily be ruined by worrying about what to have, rather than enjoying the time with friends and loved ones. I always know when my clients have meals out, and help with menu choices and also help them decide what to eat the day of , and the day after, so its not a write off.

The day of- the meals around it should be rich in Veggies and protein – reduce rice, pasta, bread, sauces, butter and cheese..

.. DON’T cut meals out- temptation will already be high in the restaurants, and portions are about 1/3 bigger! – hunger makes us crave poorer choices, so this combination would set you up for failure

Portion control- ensure you have a meat, fish or egg source ( or meat replacement product ) the size of your fist. Plus three portions of carbs ( rice, pasta, bread) and fats ( butter, cream, milk, creamy dressings and sauces and nuts) in any combination- 1 portion of carbs should be size of cupped handful and fat should be size of your thumb

Unlimited green veggies- Side of veggies and salad- eat these and the protein first- these are highly filling meaning less room for the carbs and fats- meaning more satisfied, with less damage to your waistline!

Alcohol- A large glass of wine has more calories than a chocolate bar- swap this for prosecco or spirits with diet mixers

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