• Katie Chaplin

"I'll be ready when.."

Ill be go on a diet when..

I’ll wait until..

I cant afford it

I’ll start Monday

These are all excuses

Tomorrow never comes

You are just wasting time

Someone asked me what the hardest area of my job was the other day

My reply?

Knowing that someone can be amazing, and get, and BE everything they want, and that you will do everything they need to get them there..

.. but that they don’t believe it

That they aren’t ready to change

Its not a priority

The fact is, despite how uncomfortable and unhealthy you feel.. also feel safe.

A lot of the time, it takes a moment where this person is at rock bottom, to force a change- at this point the pain FINALLY outweighs the comfort their current life gives them. OR they catch sight of what they could be , and the thought of MISSING THAT becomes too painful.

Instead of wasting any more time, and WAITING, like a ticking time bomb, to hit rock bottom, It’s time to be honest with yourself

What excuses do YOU make?

What worries YOU about a weight loss journey?

Is fear of failure holding YOU back?

What in my life is making YOU feel safe?

What help do YOU need?

Who can help YOU?


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