• Katie Chaplin

"I have put on so much weight in lock down!!"

The amount of times I have heard this over the last few weeks!

But really, is it that surprising?

Food and alcohol are a bit of a no brainer aren’t they

We are anxious ,low, confused

We know comfort eating and drinking DOES make us feel better

Well, initially at least

Many of us are also BORED

Again, food and alcohol fits the bill here

But make no mistake, this is exactly what we were doing before lockdown

And this is exactly what we will do after

So when does it stop?

What else can we reach for, do, when we are anxious, low, confused or bored?

If you don’t know

Do you need help?

Me and My Last Diet coaching group are always here- and its completely free btw

Want to hear more?

Send me a message today, before you forget what I have just said, and simply start the cycle again


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