• Katie Chaplin

I don't have time to lose weight!

The last thing you want to do after a long day , is cook some complex , boring low carb meal.

You are tired, hungry and want some crap food.

So you either make that dinner, and your bad mood only gets worse as you eat the aforementioned glorified cardboard, and after, when you still feel hungry, and incredibly deprived, and start thinking longingly of the steaming bowls of pasta

Or you cave, ordering that takeaway, or inhale that pack of biscuits, oh and that glass of wine that really helps take the edge of a stressful day.

I get it, I have done the office jobs in London with the long hours and irritating commutes, and put on weight very quickly as a result. In this two-part blog, I give tips I have used for myself and my clients, to FINALLY succeed on that diet and get the bodies we wanted, on our schedule!

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Go low maintenance

Opt for meals that can just be left to cook whilst you get on with something else- Don’t be put off the cooking time seems long! Often this means you only have about 10 minutes of actual focused cooking time, and these dishes often make 5 or 6 meals.

Set aside some time but make it social!

Whilst I do understand the struggles, you will always need to put some time and effort into losing weight. Plan your meals and make a shopping list, and use your note app on your phone for this. This stops you getting distracted and ending up down the bakery aisle at 6pm on a Thursday night.

The best piece of advice here is cooking at weekends. It takes 1-2 hours out of your day maximum to sort out your lunches and dinners for the majority, if not the whole, week. Afterwards you either freeze or keep the meals in the fridge. Why not make it more fun by putting on Netflix or Iplayer? Or invite a like-minded friend round with a Starbucks and spend the time catching up?

If the weekends are too difficult I strongly suggest replacing one of your gym sessions with meal prep ; your food is far more important than exercise in terms of ideal body composition!

Cook amazing food which fits into your life

If I know a client is time poor, I will always provide them with a bank of quick recipes, so whilst it is important to understand that you will need to dedicate some time to meal prep, being realistic in what you can fit in is also crucial, particularly if you are new to healthy eating. I have added some recipes below in order to help you!


Curried Cod and Chips- Link HERE

Beef Chow Mein- Link HERE


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