• Katie Chaplin

I don’t have time

I am not going to be popular with a lot of people for saying this

You have got time

Its just not a priority

You had time to watch Netflix last night, to go for drinks after work, go out for dinner with your friends a few times this week

You also have time to complain about how rubbish you feel to these same friends

I have had clients that have to fly off to Europe last minute

Work 12 hour days

Juggle work and home life

And yes, have a social life

And still absolutely smash it

But they were prepared to make time for it

They grab the meal plan I give them with both hands, cooking those 20 minute recipes that will cover them for several lunches and dinners

They’ll fit in a 15 minute HIIT session, use the hotel gym, get those steps in.

We decide which recipes they can also make with their partners, so they don’t have to double up on their cooking.

We plan out where we can squeeze in the cooking ( by the way, most of this can be done in less than an hour, once a week)

And how to fit a social life into losing weight

For my clients, there is absolutely no correlation between how busy they are, and how much weight they lose

Simply, losing weight, and getting that body they wanted, moving away from the misery, was a priority

If you are ready to make YOU a priority, I will help you get started- for free. I have a couple of 30 minute transformation sessions left for May. These have absolutely no obligation attached, but I do ask that only those that are serious about making the changes, apply. If you would like one , fill in this form, and I will get you booked on.


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