• Katie Chaplin

I don’t eat much at all

I don’t know why I am not losing weight!

Or how I got to this point in the first place

This is the statement I hear the most from people that come to me for fat loss advice

They are confused

And demoralised

And don’t understand why losing weight is so hard

But the reasons why they aren’t losing weight, are actually pretty simple..

Food recall- we underestimate this by up to 50%- quite simply it is just something we are naturally pretty appalling at. So stop guessing- essentially this is what you are doing! – and start using a tracking app like MyFitnessPal. I have had countless clients lose weight from purely tracking and realising what they truly eat

And what is “that much” anyway? You may actually be getting VOLUME confused with not actually having much food. Calorie dense foods like crisps, chocolate and biscuits, are designed to be very easy to overconsume, so won’t leave you feeling satisfied and full. Often you’ll likely forget you’ve even had them , especially on a busy day-mid morning biscuit anyone?!

Foods like this are fine in moderation, but do be aware of how many you are eating and therefore, how much these could be affecting your waistline

Ensure you have foods that DO leave you full , energised and satisfied- wholegrain fibrous carbs, protein,and plenty of fruit and veg.

And make sure you are CONSISTENT with your eating- it’s all too easy to not eat all day because you’re busy, or jump on that restrictive diet on Monday because you’ve had a burst of motivation..

..but what happens in the evening when you are hungry, tired and can’t be bothered to cook? Or when Saturday evening comes around, but the diet you’re on is saying all you can have for dinner is a shake or a piece of chicken and some broccoli?

You’re back to feeling confused and demoralised.

If you are confused about where you are going wrong, and want help fixing it, for good , I am always here. I have some free 30 minute transformation sessions left for May- if you want one, just hit this link


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