• Katie Chaplin

I cant eat nice food

Junk becomes attractive when its forbidden

You’ve never wanted carbs more than when you “can’t have them”

The availability of delicious, good quality , “ diet friendly” meals in restaurants, supermarkets and , cafes has never been better, yet people are struggling more than ever

Is it the stress of our everyday lives, that’s causing us to comfort eat?

Is it that you don’t really know what you should or shouldn’t be eating?

Or are you confused by different people giving wildly different advice?

Or is it that you see dieting as eating small portions? (actually you make your meals pretty vast when losing weight- if youre savvy about it!)..

…and don’t forget I have TONS of recipes on my page, designed for women who want to lose weight without feeling deprived

Or is it the dread you have around dieting? Because you’ve done it for years, and you’ve never got the result you wanted?

That you simply can’t trust yourself around ‘nice’ food- through fear or overindulging and gaining weight?


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