• Katie Chaplin

I am not perfect

I like a drink

I like a meal out

I like socialising

I have also had my struggles

I remember when I start coaching, I was nervous to ADMIT that

Yes , admit

If someone wanted to hire me as their nutrition coach, look up to me , and listen to me, surely they wanted someone perfect

It turns out I was completely missing the point

I specialise in female fat loss

How to lose weight, whilst having a social life, a meal out, and yes, a drink.

And keep it off, never having to use a fad diet again.

I know these women

I am that woman

I went on that journey

I have had to overcome overwhelming anxiety issues, those feelings of being inferior and not good enough.

And educate myself on nutrition and mindset, to fuel myself, be healthy but also get to a weight and size that I WAS happy with- the time and money on the three nutrition courses I took, the mindset work I did, were the best investment of my life.

I am not perfect- I will not have a six pack, I won’t be a size six, if I go out for a drink it’s unlikely I’ll be having a mineral water.

Oh,and I like pizza

For a long time, I didn’t think I would be happy, if I wasn’t those things above. Then I thought, I wouldn’t be able to help others, if I wasn’t the things above

BUT I learned to work on ME,. As an individual. What I wanted. What worked best for me. NOT the cookie cutter perfect stereotype I had concocted in my head. Once I “admitted” that- my business got stronger than ever- I got stronger than ever!

NOW, I am happy, and healthy

And happy with my weight and dress size

And NOW I help other women do the same

Despite not being perfect


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