• Katie Chaplin

How much sugar should I have?

Can I have fruit?

But this is clean, so surely it's ok to have?

This is homemade, which makes it better to have on a diet

What fats should I have?


Right now

You are getting in your own way

Why? Because you are overcomplicating things

You’ve heard people on social media, on youtube, on Netflix, online in general, telling you clean eating will get you the body you want, why fruit is bad, why carbs are bad, why certain fats with make you fat ( and probably kill you)

You pick up on new information time and time again

Because you want to know whats going to help you FINALLY lose weight and keep it off

You’re looking for that new solution

There is no new solution

There is no new solution that will help you finally lose weight and keep it off

You need to nail the basics

Protein- i.e. chicken ,eggs, fish, meat replacements e.g. tofu- a serving at every meal

Carbs- don’t cut these out – instead ensure these come from sources like oats, basmati rice, sweet potato , and your brown/wholegrain breads and pastas

Fats- again DON’T CUT THESE OUT ! But ensure you’re getting a BALANCE (favourite word!) of oils, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, but also butters and milks ( yes you really can have these!)

Exercise- gym, walking, it all counts- find something you enjoy that can fit into your life- you may need to move things around, but doing something you hate, or takes an hour and a half to get to , is NOT going to last five seconds

Calorie deficit- This is KING-fasting vs breakfasting like a king, stopping eating at 5pm vs stopping eating at 8:30pm, fasting before training vs carb front loading etc etc etc etc- if your CALORIES ARE THE SAME -THE SCALE WILL SHOW THE SAME READING

But basics aren’t exciting are they

The brand new shiny diet or Instagram post is

That ‘quick and easy’  way to lose weight is

Have these ways worked for you in the past?


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