• Katie Chaplin

How much peanut butter should you really be having?!

Small and easy mistakes that could be making a massive impact on your weight loss attempts

Peanut butter and fats are often demonised because they are high in calories- meaning you have to be a lot more careful about portion sizes

Unfortunately people see this as a reason to cut them out which is a terrible idea. Fats are vital in our diets for health reasons AND for enabling us to STICK to our diets long term.

1) They are vital for hormones

2) They are essential for absorbing certain vitamins- if we don’t have enough fat in our diet- no matter how much of a vitamin we are eating, it will not be taken up by our bodies

3) They taste GREAT and give food it’s texture- in order to stick to a diet long term, we need to ENJOY the foods we are eating; if we don’t , we will give up after a few weeks, and put the weight straight back on.

So we need to include these in our diet, but just add a bit more care !

The best way to do this is to weigh the food , rather than guess- scales are cheap , quick and easy to use- this single action that takes 5 seconds to implement could honestly make a huge dent in YOUR scale weight alone!

My aim is to always make losing weight as easy and enjoyable as possible, and end the confusion for you, for good. If you are ready to get the help you need to achieve the body you want, lets chat. I offer free, zero obligation transformation calls; to book in just fill in this form!


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