• Katie Chaplin

How do you handle a holiday?

The goal for my clients while they are away-limit the damage, ENJOY themselves and aim to come home the same weight, OR, worst comes to worst, a slight gain which we can take on the chin , rectify, and be back on track with fat loss when they come home.

So how do you limit the damage? I have added some of my top tips below 

Keep up some form of exercise- ideally the gym but walking is also excellent. There are also a lot of HIIT- style workouts available online; 15 minutes and you are DONE

Snacks- bring protein or fat based snacks such as protein bars and nuts- it is normal to end up having a big breakfast and then nothing until dinner- you are setting yourself up for failure here as you’ll be tired and hungry by the evening- this not only will reduce your will power . but will increase your cravings for those ‘less optimal’ food and drinks

Each meal should contain a good portion of protein and plenty of veggies..

..The protein and veggies should be eaten first , this should fill you up so that you don’t overdo it on the pasta and bread , which can be very easy to over consume

Alcohol- really limit the cocktails- a Long Island Iced Tea can have up to 780 kcals, with a Margarita coming in at 740- this is more calories than a Big Mac! Better options include prosecco/cava and light coloured spirits with diet mixers. Alcohol will also make you crave poor food choices so be aware of this.

If you want help losing the weight, so that you feel happy and confident in that bikini , or those beautiful dresses in the evenings, and also learn how to STAY in that shape post holiday, I can help

If you want to learn about how you can work with me on a one to one basis, or just want some mindset advice to kick start you into success, then one of my FREE 30 minute transformation sessions is for you. I have some spots left for May, so if you would like one, hit this link, and we will get you booked in


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