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How to change your home environment to make fat loss so much easier!!

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It’s the place you spend a good chunk of your hard earned salaries on

The place of comfort you come back to at the end of a long hard day.

But is this place making your weight loss a non-starter?.

Your Home environment is actually crucial for achieving the body you want, and there are several subtle things in your house, that will quite simply be making it harder for you, and can be easily changed.

So I’ll start with the most obvious one

You have too much food in the house- JUNK food that is.

If you were going through a break up, would having your ex round every five seconds help you move on with your life, and forwards into a more positive, happy relationship with someone else? Of course not. You would feel like crap, confused, upset and likely get back with him at least once. So why would you do the same with a food that is no good for you? Like I said above, having this food around you is only making it HARDER FOR YOURSELF!

As I have discussed in the past, if you struggle to moderate your junk food ( which is absolutely fine to admit!!) you simply need to keep it out of the house; if you diet properly, you will of course be able to have your favourite foods, as over time you will learn how to moderate this.

What if Its not that simple?

You live with other people for example, and they love their junk or baking. Again we CAN make this so much easier for you!

As discussed on one of my Instagram stories recently…discuss and cover!

Bottom line- the people you live with should care for you enough to, at the very least , respect your goals and desire to live a happier and healthier life. If you explain to them what you are doing, why it is important to you, and why you would like to rearrange a couple of things in the house , I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised and relieved by their reactions. From here, we can move onto a couple of tactics

1. Out of sight out of mind -research has shown that people eat 71% more sweets if they can see the sweets through the bowl (1) - so simply covering the treats in with foil will massively help you! Even better, put them in a drawer!

2. You can also use healthy foods to hide the junk food! people are 3 times more likely to pick the first thing they see in the cupboard than the 5th thing they see- so have a quick rearrange of your fridge and cupboards ( this will literally take 10 minutes if that) to bring fruit, veggies and lean meats to the front , and push the junk to the back

Team work makes dream work

First of all, its is important that you are honest with the people you live with, and explain why losing weight is important to you. Worst comes to worst they won’t understand you goal, BUT they WILL respect it. A basic human need is to want to help others, so it will actually make THEM feel good to help you!

An excellent tactic is also to involve them with healthy eating! Most people that love the naughtier foods are actually so shocked to discover that healthy dishes taste so nice, so why not cook something for them and show them just how amazing healthy food is. Better still, make it an activity to cook together, and make it a weekly catch –up! I have provided some recipes below , so use these to give this a go, and let me know how you get on.

It is important to have those surrounding you supporting you through this exciting change, so let me help you- I offer free 30 minute transformation sessions to all my readers, with absolutely no obligation.


1. Wansink B (2011) Mindless Eating- Why We Eat More Than We Think.


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