• Katie Chaplin

He didn’t love me

I got ghosted AGAIN

He was cheating on me with someone else

I am getting treated like shit

What did we learn?

Where do we go from here?

Do we keep going, keep dating ?

Work on ourselves, learn to love ourselves, knowing if we are confident and happy in ourselves, we will attract the right guy?

Or do we keep going after the same type, the wrong one?

Blaming ourselves for our failed relationship?

Comfort eating?

In an ideal world we get some perspective , we take an objective view of what happened, what we need to do to avoid getting the same result, and move forward in a positive direction, the direction that is best for us as an individual

It’s the same with dieting

We couldn’t stick to slimming world

Or weight watchers,

We end up eating a whole large dominos pizza, or a packet of biscuits “ I am not meant to be the size I want to be, whats the point?!”


Could you evaluate what happened?

WHY couldn’t you stick to the diet?

WHAT do you think you need in order to be able to stick to a diet?

WHO can help you?

Do you need help in order to move forwards?

What do YOU NEED?

If you are having a tough time moving forwards, away form the failed fad diets, then I can help you , for free. I have a limited amount of transformation calls up for grabs at the end of July- to claim yours, fill in this form today


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