• Katie Chaplin

Fruit and Veg- enjoy your food MORE, look amazing and lose weight!

“its boring”

“It tastes awful”

“ ill just be eating lettuce and celery for snacks then? Great”

A few of the things you hear from those that ‘hate’ fruit and veg.

The truth is you are HONESTLY missing out- and I am not just talking about the ‘ but it’s good for you’ arguments you’ve been hearing since your mum tried to force feed you broccoli at the age of 4, they are actually an excellent trick to make you feel fuller, more satisfied and happier with your meals, reduce cravings AND look amazing!

So why are they so great?

They give a feeling of fullness; their fibre content essentially adds bulk to food- by adding a couple of portions of veggies and fruit onto your plate you’ll end up feeling full much quicker during a meal than you would otherwise- this means you’ll of course eat less, but also feel more satisfied; how many times have you finished a plain ‘diet’ meal and still felt hungry? Suddenly that chocolate bar looks very tempting!

Your hair, teeth skin and nails will have never looked better! –these are all key indicators of what’s going on in the inside- if you’re feeding your body with loads of vitamins and minerals- this WILL show on the outside. For those that do struggle to eat well- you have NO IDEA how much better you would feel if you ate even better- you’ll feel brighter, happier, and be prepared for that ‘ I cant be bothered’ brain fog, to lift!

I mention this because I appreciate many of you are young, being in your 20s and 30s, and will often think you are getting away with stuff and feeling fine, so it is important to point out how much BETTER you could look if you optimised your diet.

Chicken, Strawberry and Avocado salad- recipe link HERE

The fibre in fruit and vegetables is essential for digestive health- poor digestive health is associated with bloating, pain, nausea, constipation, - so if you know you don’t eat enough fruit and veg, and you are struggling with the symptoms above diarrhoea adding a few veggies to your plate could completely solve these woes. Poor digestive health is also being more and more prominently linked to anxiety and depression.

So , what if you hate fruit and vegetables?

if you REALLY think about it, are there SOME you like? I guarantee there are at least a handful, so start with these, and keep experimenting. Adding a small amount of butter or low calorie salad dressing also makes a massive difference, as does herbs and spices- my personal faves are smoked paprika and garlic (lucky everyone in close proximity!)

Trying different ways of cooking of vegetable is also something I strongly suggest you try out; a lot of people hate boiled veg- mushy school dinners anyone? -But try steamed or baked, and you’ll find the taste and texture of the vegetables changes completely

Adding veggies to sauces- Italian chicken- onions and tomatoes- peppers would also be amazing here, and I add spinach to bulk it out even more.

Chopping up onion into a tomato sauce is also an excellent way of getting veg in- if you really can't stand the texture of the veg, use a food processor to blend it up!

Italian Chicken- an easy way of getting veg in without even realising it- recipe link HERE

Can I have fruit? What about all the sugar?!

A lot of people freak out about eating fruit nowadays owing to the supposed ‘high sugar’ content that is banded around social media- there are certainly fruits that should be eaten in moderation, or would be perfect just before a workout- for example bananas and mangoes, but fruits like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, nectarines and oranges for example are low calorie, delicious and packed full of vitamins and minerals- the problem is there is a lot of misguided information/hysteria out there. For those that are very anti fruit and veg, fruit is an excellent place to start as it is sweeter, so I often use this as a tool with client.

I really appreciate so many of you are so keen to learn fact from fad, to get the body you want, so that you can completely maximise you happiness , confidence and reach your full potential. For those of you that are truly serious about starting this journey, I will be running a free 5 day female fat loss challenge this month- so please click the link here to register your interest. Spots are filling up quickly so hurry!


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