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Drinking on a diet

This Is a really popular subject- I asked my Instagram followers a little while ago whether they wanted me to cover this in a blog and it was one of my most interacted-with pieces of content so far.

Below I have set out the most frequently asked questions surrounding drinks and hydration; if you have any further questions-just ask J I am easily reached via my contact page or social media channels ( links to which are at the top of this page).

Should I avoid sweeteners?

I will nip this is the bud quickly- it has been very trendy for years for low calorie sweeteners, mainly aspartame, to be touted as the devil and a cause of cancer. This is not the case; all have to pass incredibly rigourous safety standards by the European Food Safety Authority to be sold and indeed REMAIN on the shelves ( they are reviewed on a regular basis) and have been extensively researched and approved as safe. The studies that are often cited in arguments against their use have largely been in rats, in doses we simply would struggle to consume. Do I recommend clients use diet drinks as their main source of hydration? No, but I would much rather they would have that than a sugar loaded drink, and if I feel they aren’t drinking enough water , I just keep nagging them J.

What do you think of smoothies?

They are an extremely popular choice for those that are health conscious- particularly those that lead very busy lives , and/or don’t particularly like fruits and vegetables.

They are touted as an easy way of getting your five a day in; the truth here is some of them are and some of them aren’t! Again clever marketing comes into play here and many don’t even have one portion of fruit or veg in; they simply don’t put enough fruit in for them to count as a portion, and will often enhance the flavour of the drink using sweeteners, rather than fruit. Always check the label and see if these mention whether the drink counts as one ( or more!) of your five a day or not. If its in an independent café, don’t be afraid to ask- most are very helpful and are happy to answer questions!

Smoothies are also often high in calories- and many very easily add up to the equivalent of a meal ; which is fine if you choose to have one as a meal; they are certainly an easy option and can be very nutrient dense, but this is often a shock to my clients who innocently thought it was a healthy way to hydrate and get some fruit and veg in! Again it is always worth checking the labelling or asking the staff.

Best Coffee shop choices

Aside from all the cakes and pastries staring at you as you wait to order, some of the drinks are a bit of a disaster for those watching their weight. Take Café Nero for example- a regular semi skimmed mocha is 305 calories, whilst a Starbucks tall vanilla latte is 200 calories-a Starbucks Grande Frappucino comes in at 400 calories- this is the equivalent to a meal for some women, and is 150 calories MORE than their ham and cheese toastie!

Better choices include Flat whites, Cappuccinos with skimmed milk, and Americanos ( black or ask for milk on the side so that you can have it to taste , which should moderate the amount you add)

Photo cred HIIT Kitchen

How much water should I drink?

Last but certainly not least, I will touch very quickly on general hydration. It is without a doubt the most VITAL nutrient for human beings. Ideally the majority of your fluid should be coming from plain water- although herbal teas, no sugar fruit squash and even adding fruit to your water are all absolutely fine if this is a big struggle. I recommend every client carries a bottle of water in their bag, and as a general rule, aim for 2.5-3L of liquid per day- this needs to increase if you are in warmer temperatures. Contrary to a lot of people’s opinions, diet drinks , coffee and tea DO contribute to hitting this number, however the slight diuretic effect means that overall, water is a lot better.

There are many bottles out there that measure how much water you need , and are super cheap, so would be a wise investment!

If you have any questions, as always please do not hesitate to contact me , via email or social media ( links are at the top of the page)


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