• Katie Chaplin

Does having breakfast make me lose weight?

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

“It boosts your metabolism; if you don’t have it, you’ll start storing food you have as fat”

This is rubbish

For years I thought that in order to successfully lose weight, I HAD to have a decent breakfast, and that if I didn’t, my metabolism would slow right down and I wouldn’t be able to lose weight- I am sure many of you have heard of the analogy of your metabolism being a fire, and that you have to stoke it throughout the day with food in order to keep it going

The fact of the matter some people don’t like breakfast, and starting eating later is not going to make you bigger

BUT it does depend on the person

You will often hear people say- “ oh well I’ve only had a cereal bar all day, so I can afford to have a takeaway for dinner”- there are a couple of issues with this

1)People are not only notoriously terrible at food recall, so it is highly likely you had more than a cereal bar

2)It is very easy to eat far in excess of the calories you ‘saved’ by not eating breakfast

Another issue is that once you are hungry , you are more likely to crave junk foods- your body will want a quick fix, something that will give it a lot of energy and fast, and these foods fit the bill. Some people simply aren’t hungry until later on any way, but for those missing breakfast because they are in a rush or just forget, you are likely to be making things harder for yourself.

Often when a client starts working for me, they skip breakfast, and in order to find out whether they should be keeping this meal in, I simply ask how they feel and if they have cravings when they miss breakfast- if the answer is yes, then breakfast needs to come in, if they can HONESTLY answer no, then I have no problem with them starting to eat late morning or lunch.

Building bespoke plans is hugely important in order to lose weight and keep it off- if it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, you aren’t going to stick to it! If you are sick of the fad diets, of nothing working for you, then lets have a chat. I offer FREE 30 minute transformation sessions, with absolutely no obligation, so book one today by clicking this link


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