• Katie Chaplin

Do you know when you’re most likely to fail at dieting ?

Youll be surprised how many women follow the same pattern

Weekday evenings

And Friday afternoons

The latter typical descends into a lost weekend

People either fall into denial “ I have been good all week, I deserve it/ I have done enough”

Or feel horrendously guilty , hate themselves, and promise the diet will start Monday. Or that they should give up all together, because they’ve failed every diet before

What is getting in your way?

9 times out of 10 it comes down to two things:

Emotional eating – when you have had a stressful week, you’re low, anxious or simply down, food ( and alcohol) is the go to. Largely this is because the feelings are not being dealt with , and food offers a very quick and easy way to feel better.

Not eating ENOUGH - This is typical of the yoyo dieter. You have that initial motivation spurt, where you sign up to the latest diet, juice/shake service or you swear you will cut out the things you love. But two weeks down the line, or even Friday night, the chocolate, the takeaway or the bottle rose wine becomes overwhelmingly tempting- we hit the “fuck it”, binge, then feel guilty, then have those feelings of “ whats the point” .. and so it goes on..

There are NO quick fix methods to losing weight that work- and by work, I mean that the weight stays off long term. 90% of all diets fail, most will end up larger than they were before the diet.

Is it time for you to overcome what is getting in your way?#

To get you started, I offer free transformation sessions , that focus on the mindset aspects of weight loss that STAYS OFF. To claim yours, hit THIS LINK today.


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