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How many times have you come back from a LONG day at work, perhaps you’ve even been to the gym , you’ve been super productive today..

.. then you realise, in your exhausted state, you have no food in the house. Well, apart from that loaf of bread or multi pack of crisps.

Or perhaps you make it that one step further ‘ No I have done well today, I will pop to the shop’ ( well done!) , but then grab that bar of chocolate from displays they have by the till?

As discussed in my blog last week , don’t make things harder for yourself!!

So lets start with preparation-look I know this isn’t an exciting word for a lot of you!- But it is going to make your lives so so much easier, allowing you to live the life you want with minimal disruption ( now that’s a bit more exciting isn’t it?!)

You need to ensure your meals for the week ahead are sorted, this will stop you from picking up something unhealthy when you are stuck- this is particularly important when you are tired e.g. after work as your willpower and ability to make appropriate decisions declines with fatigue.

1. SET the day ( or days, whichever you prefer) that you will go food shopping and cook this week

2. Find a supportive friend or someone who has the same goals of you- go shopping with each other or communicate what days you have set to go food shopping hold each other accountable. This also means you get to see each other and catch up (perhaps grab a coffee before?!) .

To this end, cooking meal preps together would also be a great shout!

3. Healthy stuff at the front of cupboards and fridges- people are 3 times more likely to pick the first thing they see in the cupboard than the 5th thing they see- so move healthy snacks to the front, and push the junk to the back- Remember your willpower and ability to make good decisions declines with fatigue (1), so this is key at the end of a long day, when you are more likely to grab the first thing you see. I will also be giving some snack ideas in the next blog :)

4. If you share a house with friends or family, ask if it is possible for you have your own separate draw , shelf or cupboard for your food. As mentioned in the last blog (Link here) , do communicate with those you live with about your desire to lose weight, and why it is important to you; they will support and respect your decisions, even if they do need to be reminded a couple of times in the early days :)

Support and positive influences are vital when transforming your body! As a nutrition coach I am with my clients every step of the way and would love to help you. I offer free, no-obligation 30 minute transformation sessions to those that TRULY want to make that change, so do GET IN CONTACT WITH ME HERE if that sounds like you!

1. Kwan et al (2016) Does “Decision Fatigue” impact manuscript acceptance? An analysis of editorial decisions by the American Journal of Gastroenterology, The American Journal of Gastroenterology, doi:10.1038/ajg.2016.452


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