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Dieting is BORING

Dieting is BORING

So we go for the products that promise us a loss of half a stone in a week- but we are miserable after two and end up inhaling a takeaway

Or the scales have stayed the same this week- but that chocolate bar will make you happy

We hate that full length photo our friend took of us, but we can take a selfie and filter the shit out of it

We are used to instant gratification and having everything at our finger tips- all we need to is to put a nice photo up on social media to get likes and comments that give us a little boost, and we can order a beautiful dress in 2 minutes if we are feeling a bit sorry for ourselves

Unfortunately that means that finding the discipline , determination and patience required to lose weight, that stays off, is even more of a struggle than ever

So how do we stay on track?

You need to understand WHY is this important to you- REALLY think about this

WHY do you want to lose weight?

How do you want to look in 6 months time?

What do you want to be able to wear?

Be HONEST with yourself and get SPECIFIC- Everyone’s reasons are different, and if you have goals you feel you “should” have that don’t resonate with you, they will not keep you strong, you need to fall back on these when things get tough.

It is also important to remember what we are trying to get away from- many women that have worked with me have had a trigger moment- a photo, or a really shit day when they have just simply had enough of feeling the way they are , and decide they want to change for good- its important to remember how you feel now, or how you felt at the start of your journey..

And don’t forget to set goals-if the goal is to lose 2 stone, this will take time if you are doing things properly. A few months without a reward or sense of achievement may cause you to lose interest . So set mini goals such as lose half a stone in 6 weeks- so that you can buy that dress in a smaller size. This is one of the very first things I do with my clients, during their transformation sessions, and I constantly remind them of these!

And last but not least, make sure you have genuine support - people that offer you accountability and support when you genuinely need it and look out for your best interests!


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