• Katie Chaplin

Dieting Excuses- " I dont have time" PART TWO

Following on from part one last week, below are more time saving tips that will allow you to fit fat loss into your life

Multi task

I tend to cook my lunches and dinners at the same time. By chopping up veggies for your lunches whilst the meat is cooking for your dinners you save a lot of time and it is less boring than staring at your food waiting for it to cook!

Would Fasting work for me?

Feeding into the morning rush aspect, another consideration is skipping breakfast altogether. Fasting is a topic I have covered in this blog, and one that still remains rather controversial ( I have to admit even until about 2 years ago I was dubious about the practice) but if done correctly, with the right guidance, and for the right people, it can make your life a lot easier.

Food Freeze

How many times have you had a mad week, only to come home and find the food you had bought with good intentions on Monday, is now practically walking out of the fridge covered in mould?

Frozen fruit and veg actually has a better vitamin and mineral profile, as they are picked and frozen in their prime; fresh , due to the time clocked up between it being picked and reaching you, is of significantly worse quality.

I tend to freeze my own. I walk up to the market at the weekend to buy it; this is a nice activity to do with a friend! All you then need to do is just get it out of the freezer when you need it .

Freezing meat, which can often turn quite quickly, is also an excellent idea, especially if you have done a bulk buy.

Don’t overcomplicate things.

If you want to pick a diet protocol- be realistic.

If time is an issue, its likely turning vegan is going to cause you problems

If your plans are constantly changing , going super low carb is also going to be difficult when grabbing food on the go

BE HONEST -How much of a priority is this for you?

Think about the times you didn’t cook a decent meal or go to the gym, but had plenty of time for that series on Netflix, or that glass of wine with your mates

You need to get super clear on why you want to change and why it is important to you

And whether, on some level, you are saying you don’t have time , because you think it will be a waste of time..

.. because you’ve failed before

But often you failed because you were on the wrong diet, or didn’t know enough , or didn’t have enough support. Or all three. Its time to get that support and stop wasting years of your life , that you wont get back, feeling crap. And I am offering this for five days, completely free, from the 28th January to the 1st February . Reserve your spot on my Ditch The Diet female fat loss challenge, today, by filling in this form, and commenting 'DITCH THE DIET' in the 'how can we help' box


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