• Katie Chaplin

Dieting excuse 4-"I cant afford to eat healthily!"

“I don’t want to pay £5 for a jar of Manuka honey, a couple of avocados or a jar of chia seeds!”

“PTs and nutritionists are SO expensive , I can’t afford that weekly!”

We have all said, or heard someone say, variations of the quotes above. Indeed, healthy eating CAN cost a bomb, but often this is can be due to not knowing where your money should be going, and/or not being aware of some easy quick tips to make things cheaper. Sometimes things are a bit more complicated that that.

There is no such thing as a super food

Often trendy ‘super foods’ such as avocados, chia seeds and Matcha aren’t vital in order to lose weight- yes they are often high in one nutrient and, whilst that is not to say some are not great additions to the diet if you have the means, often these nutrients are present in similar and cheaper foods.

A quick note though, TK Maxx is fantastic for products such as chia seeds, protein powders and sugar free syrups on the cheap so do have a look!

Frozen food

Fruit, vegetables, and certain seafoods are good examples of foods that are considered expensive but are often a fraction of the price if the frozen versions are bought.

The quality is as good, if not better, as the foods are picked in their ‘prime’ and immediately frozen; as the nutrient content starts to drop from when it is picked, the fact that fresh fruit and veg spends considerable time in delivery and on the shelves means you are potentially not getting the nutrient levels you were expecting!

"Meat is so expensive!"

This is commonly cited as a complaint , and while meat is a fantastic source of protein, and the main reason I recommend high levels of it, beans and lentils are also good sources and a cheap addition to the diet, especially for a vegan or vegetarian whose diets tend to be more expensive, and hitting an optimum protein intake is often more difficult (this is discussed in my Vegan and Vegetarian blog). They are also high in fibre, which is often a welcome asset for a fat loss client.

Cheaper cuts of meat, for example chicken thighs, taste great if they are cooked in certain ways e.g. in the oven or a slow cooker.

It may be time to ask yourself some tough questions

Some people will not think twice about spending over £100.00 on a night out or a meal , but will freak out about the £50.00 per week a mate is paying for a PT. Wouldn’t you enjoy going out for these events if you were able to feel a million bucks in that amazing dress you currently are terrified to even consider wearing, and to be able to take full length photos next to your mates without having the trauma of looking at it and savagely comparing yourself to your mates? It’s important to add here that a good coach that knows their stuff and supports you properly can get you excellent results within a few months, and would work out cheaper than spending years on monthly fees to that local diet club and diet shakes that you can’t stick to.

Are you prepared to make a few sacrifices, whether that’s going out every other weekend rather than every week, or going somewhere cheaper for dinner? If the answer is no, how serious are you about changing?


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