• Katie Chaplin

Dieting excuse 3- “ I cant have a life when I diet”

Say goodbye to meals out

Drinks with the girls

And hello to chicken and salad, every day, water and herbal teas, sitting in on a Friday and Saturday night, bored out of your mind, watching your friends have fun on their Instagram stories


If you cant incorporate your diet into your life, you wont stick to it, it is as simple as that.

Of course there will be some sacrifices along the way, but the aim is to minimise these as much as possible. This really is the key to long term success- weight loss that stays off.


I hear this all too regularly.

And it is entirely likely that you will be strict this time- for the first few weeks. Then reality hits and the misery and resentment settles in. Motivation will only get you so far- essentially you get an initial burst, hence why many eat like angels on Monday, only to have fallen off the wagon by Friday.

So how can we incorporate our lifestyle into successful weight loss?

1)Have the meal out, just get clever

During the day, eat less- but care here! You don’t want to go into the restaurant or bar starving, as this will more than often cause you to make a bad decision food wise. Instead, remove carbohydrates from breakfast and lunch ( i.e. rice pasta and bread) and ensure you stay full during the day by making sure each meal has a portion of protein ( the size of your hand in karate chop position or the size of your fist) and loads of veggies.

This is where apps like myfitnesspal and calorie counting generally come into their own- you can simply eat a bit less, on the two days either side, and add these to your meal out

2)Meal out tactics

If you plan your day, you are going to get what you need done, and if you don’t it’s likely to descend into chaos; it is exactly the same with meals out

Go online and check the menus out,and decide what you are going to have ahead of time ( this is something I help my clients out with- I ALWAYS end up feeling hungry after unfortunately!). There are so many distractions in a restaurant that can contribute to you making poor decisions. It also enables you to fully engage and enjoy your meal with your friends/family, and not ruin it by worrying about whether what you picked was a good choice or not

Portion control is also key here- opt for something that has a big serving of protein ( meat, fish,egg, meat replacements) and then portion control the carbs ( rice, bread, pasta) and fats ( oil, butter, creamy dressings etc) – you can have three portions of carbs and fats in any combination, a carb portion is a cupped handful, the fats is a thumb sized portion.

3)There is no need to be tee total

If you like a night out and a drink, doing this will likely have a big impact on your social life. Instead, moderate and make better choices. Stick to 1-2, drink soft drinks in between, and opt for drinks like prosecco, champagne and spirits with diet mixers

4)New activities

Now is a perfect opportunity to find a new hobby and activities you enjoy, or just do more of the things you like doing anyway, that don’t revolve around meals out and drinking.

Was there something you enjoyed doing as a kid? Its highly likely you’ll still love it now!

How about cooking meal preps or going for walks or Gym classes with a friend?

Or going shopping?

Enabling the ladies I coach to fit dieting into a full life is something I love to do, and forms the backbone of both my private coaching programs and my free 5 day group coaching challenges. Unfortunately my latest free challenge is now full, however I do offer free 30 minute transformation calls to help you on your way- claim yours by filling in this form


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