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Dieting excuse 2- my office is a nightmare! 5 tips for a fat loss friendly environment!

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

The biscuits being passed around the office

The meals out with clients

The uncontrollable cravings after a long day at work

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Jobs are often credited with weight gain and barriers for weight loss , and here’s why:

1)Eating at your desk

Many studies have shown that having a meal whilst distracted, be it television or work- increases the amount you eat.

What can I do?!

TAKE A BREAK to eat your lunch, and simply eat your food with no distractions, rather than eating it at your desk whilst you are working-even if it is just for 10 minutes! As explained above, being more mindful with your food makes you eat less.

2)People bringing treats into the office

This is an absolute minefield. If you are distracted, stressed, tired and/or hating your latest diet- you are going to run into trouble!

What can I do?!

-Research has shown that people eat 71% more sweets if the dish they are served in is transparent rather than opaque- so either get a bowl that is opaque, or cover it with foil.

-Research also shows that if sweets are placed within reach of someone, they ate over double the amount, versus when they were placed just 6 feet away.-If someone brings sweets into the office , keep them in a kitchen , in a drawer- the key is to always minimise visibility.

-COMMUNICATE ! Speak to the worst offenders ( there is always one person that brings in the majority of the biscuits), explain you are watching your weight, and could they simply not ask you when they bring the food round? You may feel awkward, but know that you are doing the best for you and your health, you are not offending them, and you’ll be surprised that is often a much easier conversation than you expect! Better still , bring some healthy treats in- this will be warmly received in January, where the majority of the office will be trying to lose weight!

3)You’re less active

It is a no brainer that if you are sitting at a desk all day, you won’t be walking around much

What can I do?!

Find easy ways to get your steps in – weight loss always comes down to a combination of food taken in, and exercise- easy ways to increase the latter: take the stairs wherever you can, do walking meetings, get off the train 2 stops earlier and walk the rest of the way, go for a walk on your lunch break ( get a friend to come with you!)- and I guarantee you will also feel better and more energised for it

4) You’re not resting ENOUGH!

If you work long work hours it is likely you are getting less sleep. A lack of sleep is strongly linked to making poor decisions around food, and cravings for higher carb and higher fat options- junk foods fit the bill perfectly here!

What can I do?!

Maximise and improve the quality of your sleep- the hour and a half before you sleep is particularly important, you should spend this time reading, having a bath, cooking, speaking to friends and loved ones (social media doesn’t count- and should actually be avoided in this period!)

In relation to this, it is important to keep your energy levels up. When you find yourself craving carbs mid-afternoon (massive warning sign that you’re tired) , have a break if possible, or consider grabbing something with caffeine in it if you tolerate this well.

5)You talk yourself out of the gym!

So you have FINALLY left work and it’s time to go to the gym- and you just can’t be bothered. “I will definitely go tomorrow!” , you bargain with yourself.

What can I do?!

Bring your gym kit to work with you , leave gym gear by the front door, and consider finding a gym near your work- humans are incredibly talented at justifying any action, given enough time to create one- and therefore it is very easy to talk yourself out of it on the journey home- don’t give yourself enough time to do this!

Supporting habit change, strategizing and negotiating every day struggles and social occasions is something I specialise- my clients are all able to have a social life , and handle everyday challenges and flexibly adapt to those last minute changes that always occurs when you lead a busy life- and I can help you implement this, for free. On the 28th January , I start my free 5 day nutrition coaching program, where you can lose up to 3lbs in 5 days, whilst still having a life and eating amazing food. If you are interested, hit this link and comment DITCH THE DIET in the 'How can we help' field.


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