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Dieting- A Piece Of Cake?

A couple of weeks ago it was , as many of you will know, my 30th Birthday.

In the evening I had a birthday tea with my family, and of course, like most people, had a birthday cake.

My mum had asked which one I wanted a few days prior- I chose the ‘Extremely Chocolatey’ White Chocolate cake from M&S.

So the day comes round, I have my slice.

The cake stays at my house. A few days later, I have a slice.

The rest ( so just under a quarter- it was a BIG cake!) was thrown away.

This got me thinking

Rewind to my very late teens and early twenties and this would have been a massive area of conflict for me- I was very insecure in my body, I desperately wanted to lose weight.. but I also wanted to enjoy my life, the special occasions and the treats that came with it

I would either not have a slice, feel deprived and resentful- BUT end up staring at the cake for the next week. Inevitably ,I would crack, and ending up picking at it for days ( in turn having MORE calories than if I had just had a slice at the time)

OR my birthday would have been full on binge mode – after all it was MY birthday, I should treat myself , and when was the next time I would be able to eat junk again? Diet starts day after my birthday ( well maybe the week after, got meals and drinks out after all!)

Back to this year..

I am at a weight where I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. I am not trying to lose any more weight.

Across my birthday weekend/week ( yes I milked it!) I had treats in moderation , kept the gym up – and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t feel guilty, I stayed in the moment and was able to just enjoy the feelings of gratitude for my loved ones had and the efforts they had made..

And I stayed the same weight

And the slice of cake a few days later? I was actually able to fit into my macros for the day- myself and my clients follow an 80/20 rule- eat nutritious whole foods 80% of the time, allowing 20% for ‘less optimal’ foods


Get the help, understand yourself and what you want – and you'll be able to have your cake and eat it.


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